Post COVID19

Life has changed. The world has changed. But in adversity, one can always find opportunities.

We can provide you with all the needed Know-How and Support for successful decision-making while you navigate this new world. As a response to the Post COVID19 world and its recession, we will help and contribute by offering a discounted price, on our Online Consultancy. This way we hope to significantly contribute to help others start their business from zero, to improve existing ones or to plan a safe successful return to business in these challenging times.

“In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.”   

Albert Einstein

What we do

Know-how as a service

Knowledge has value only when turned into action.  Therefore, we share ours and we put it into action.


Online, not only we’re compliant with all the safety rules required nowadays, but we’re also able to provide our services at a 50% Discounted Value of 950€ + VAT.

Through 5 Zoom Action Sessions of 2h each, you will have a team of Senior Consultants and Mentors, with a wide range of corporate, business and startup experience, supporting and co-creating with you an Action Plan for your goals and needs.

Receive expert consultancy in any 5 of these topics for you to choose according to your specific context:

Business Management  Human Resources  |  Financial Sustainability  Lean Operations  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Sales Differentiation   |  Business Model Canvas  |  ABC of legal Advising   |  Finance for Non-finance  |   Self & Others organization  |  Decision-Making  |  Ways to Innovation

Schedule a 30min complimentary call to assess your specific needs so that we can start your action plan for life, career or business.

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Support as a service

Strategic consultancy, services and outsourcing for your decision making and daily business management success.


Based on a Needs Assessment we present real customised solutions of monthly services that can cover all operational and functional areas of running and managing a business.

Remotely or in office, for a specific project or so that one can jump start or grow one’s business, we will be there for support. From zero all the way to 100% success, we will add value and full support services to decision making and daily business management across all areas.

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With a shared vision, resources and 25+ years of career experience, consolidated in areas as: Business Management, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing and H. Resources.

With consultancy to C-Level decision-makers and entrepreneurs, in their business challenges and management needs, and by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we’re fully committed in fast pacing teams and businesses, with bold productive plans and methods.

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What you need

Hard decision making is a constant in business and in life. Access to Know-How and Support is key for success.


Resources and 25+ years of experience available, to you and your company, through our knowledge and expertise.

Through Consultancy and Services Plans we provide companies, C-level decision makers and entrepreneurs with support at any project or phase of their business challenges and management needs. May it be on a sporadic need or on a monthly base and in areas such as Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Business Management we will be there to support you. By sharing our knowledge and applying our expertise, we will be fully committed in fast pacing your business and teams with bold productive plans and methods.

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Hard decision making is a constant in business and in life. And if starting a new business one incurs in too many risks.

A missed opportunity or deadline, a bad decision or a wrong recruitment can easily be costly namely if in those critical first years. We will work with you on a customised solution and pack of C-Level Support services that can cover all operational and functional areas of your business to guarantee your intended success and efficiency.

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Mentoring Programs, Decision Tools and real life Know-How and expertise. All you need to achieve your goals.

After 25+ years of solid careers and challenging lives, we have decided to map our know-how and specialised processes into digital maps and mentoring programs that help individuals make their best decisions. By applying these maps and teachings to your decision making, you will be enabled to better navigate changes in life, career and business and make your best decisions.

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Who we are

A team of world wide life, business and career experienced experts. Resilient as a cactus yet delicate as a flower.


Knowledge has value only when turned into action. This is why we share ours. And since sharing is the most inspirational act, we believe we will inspire others to value and share it as well.

SOMA Services provides strategic consultancy, customised services and outsourcing to Corporations, SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs for decision making and daily business management success. We do so with specialised and certified teams in areas such as:

Business  |  Strategy  |  Management  Operations  |  Human Resources  |  Marketing  |  Sales  |  Finance

Known for our resilience, assertiveness and hard skills that result from: continuously embracing new challenges; our proven Soft Skills; high professional ethics; teamwork values; a strong focus on results and a spirit of pro-activity. Thus, we are resilient as a cactus, yet delicate as a flower.

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