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Through Consultancy and Services Plans we provide Entrepreneurs and C-level decision makers with support at any project or phase of their daily business challenges and management needs, may it be on a sporadic need or on a monthly base. With our resources and 25+ years of career experience we make available our knowledge and expertise consolidated in areas such as: Operations | Human Resources | Marketing | Sales | Finance.

SOMA Services you may need

Here are some of our most flexible and comprehensive services that upon an assessment, can be customized to your business goals and daily/monthly needs. 

V’s Alignment

A company’s core Values, culture and Vision influence results and must be aligned with the product/service Value proposition. Therefore, employees must understand and share the ethos of an organization. Either by defining a North Star, setting BHAG’s or by Social Responsibility, you’ll achieve this valuable alignment.

Mediated HR

Having an external team as mediators in areas such as hiring, training, benefits, firing and other HR needs, is the perfect way to set and level expectations for all parties. This investment of time, resources and trust will guarantee an increase in talent retention that will help business’ success.

Lean Mapping

A streamlining process to be applied to businesses who want to improve their Processes & Procedures by eliminating waste and non-value-added activities, optimising their outsourcing and setting up SLA’s and KPI’s. A full weaknesses and risks assessment to reduce costs across all departments.

Agile Marker

Companies of today are about a dynamic set of needs, activities, resources and a new mindset. Having a set of markers where empathy, definition of resources, challenging assumptions, creating solutions and lastly test it, so that all will result in an Agile environment.

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SOMA’s Process

By giving emphasis on the Consulting Process, and on it’s purpose and goals, we ensure an increase in consensus, commitment and on future effectiveness as desirable outcomes of really effective consultancy services. This way our clients have a better understanding of what our consulting assignments and requests can accomplish.

By sharing our knowledge and applying our expertise, we will be fully committed in fast pacing your business and teams with bold productive plans and methods. Start by contacting us to get a 30min complimentary call to assess your specific needs and to find a win-win fit for us both.

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