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After 25 years of solid careers we have decided to map our know-how and specialized processes into Mentoring Programs and digital decision maps, that help entrepreneurs make their best decisions by applying these to their business needs in those first years of critical decision making.

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Decision making is a constant in business and in everyone’s life… Let us help you accelerate your life and/or business!

Decision Making Program

A step by step 8 week program that, through Mentoring and 1-on-1 Support, will help you co-create an action plan to either validate and start a Business Idea, to make a Career or a Major Life Change or just get more Organized in life or work.

Online Consultancy

Through 5 Zoom Action Sessions of 2h each, you will have a team of Senior Consultants and Mentors, with a wide range of corporate, business and startup experience, supporting and co-creating with you an Action Plan for your needs, goals for life and/or business!

Opportunity Analysis

A tool that will provide you with better decision making in life and business by calculating the correct profits, costs tipping points, taxes and the strategic value of any given opportunity you may come across. 

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Through our Programs, Maps and Tools that work as Transfer Documents of our real knowledge and expertise, we will provide you with the support you need. Start out by contacting us to get a 30min complimentary call to assess your specific needs so that you can start navigating in life and career or business.

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