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Hard decision making is a constant in business and in life. More so for entrepreneurs when about to start a new business, where a bad or wrong decision can easily be costly if it leads in the wrong direction, namely in those critical first years. 

Hard core facts

80% of new and small businesses fail in their first three to five years. These are four of the TOP reasons for business failure:

To avoid it, the best thing one can do is to have a lot of guts, accurate facts and the best support ever. We are your support! From 0 all the way to 100% success, we will be there to support you while adding value to your day-to-day business decisions and management. We will work with you on a Needs Assessment and present you with a customized solution and pack of services that can cover all operational and functional areas of your business.

SOMA Services you may need

Here are some of our most flexible and comprehensive services that upon an assessment, can be customized to your business goals and daily/monthly needs. 

C-Level   Support

The main purpose of this C-Level decision making service, is to help the Management Team run the business successfully, smoothly and effectively converting minimum input of resources to produce maximum output. Thus increasing company’s profit and goals achievement.

Mediated Recruitment

The overall goal of this unique recruitment process is to ensure finding the right fit, for the right job, with the right set and level of mediated expectations for all parties. This investment of time, resources and trust will guarantee an increase in talent retention that will help business’ success.

Decision Making Program

A step by step 8 week long program that, through Mentoring and one-on-one Support, will help you to co-create an action plan to either validate and start a Business Idea, to make a Career or a Major Life change or just to get more organized in life and/or work.

1.2.3. Go to Market!

Key insights and resources to help startups optimize time, energy and money. From 1. Idea Validation by conceptualization of an MVP to 2. Monetization through developing a Business model and 3. Strategically planning on how to implement lean and fast. Then the test… Go to Market!

Find out all of SOMA Services

May it be remotely or in your office, monthly or just for a specific project so that you can jump start or grow your business, we will be there to support you. Start by contacting us to get a 30min complimentary call to assess your specific needs so you can start having support.

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