Know-how as a Service

Knowledge has value only when turned into action.  Therefore, we share ours and we put it into action.

Online Consultancy

By providing it Online, not only we’re compliant with all the safety rules required nowadays, but we’re also able to provide our services at a 50% Discounted Value of 950€. This way we hope to significantly contribute to help others start their business from zero, to improve existing ones or to plan a successful return to business.

Through 5 Zoom Action Sessions of 2h each, you will have a team of Senior Consultants and Mentors, with a wide range of corporate, business and startup experience, supporting and co-creating with you an Action Plan for your goals and needs. Receive expert consultancy in any 5 of these topics for you to choose according to your specific context:

Business Management  Human Resources  |  Financial Sustainability  Lean Operations  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Sales Innovation  |  Business Model Canvas  |  ABC of legal Advising  Accounting Q&A  |  Self & Others organization  |  Finance for Non-finance  |  Decision-Making Mentorship  

Schedule a 30min complimentary call to assess your needs so that we can start your action plan for life, career or business.

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Academy Consultancy

By providing consultancy to you, your company and your teams we can create solutions and plans for customized training. Through mentoring, workshops and digital tools, that work as Transfer Documents of our expertise and real knowledge, we will provide you with the needed support and Hybrid Skills Development needed in today’s world.

Besides our offer at SOMA Academy, we also provide consultancy to you, your company and your teams with expertise from our solid careers. We have mapped our know-how and specialized files and processes into programs and tools that help individuals make their best decisions but that can also be turned into Hybrid Skills training per request. By applying these maps and training to critical decision-making in live, career and business, success will happen.

Supported by our tools, alongside our consultancy, we will provide you and your team with better decision-making by training in calculating the correct profits, costs tipping points, taxes and the strategic value of any given opportunity one may come across. 

Schedule a 30min complimentary call to assess your needs so that we can start your action plan for life, career or business.

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Support as a Service

Strategic consultancy, services and outsourcing for your decision making and daily business management success.

C-Level Support

Our most flexible and comprehensive service that can cover all operational and functional areas of a business once, upon a needs assessment, is customized to a client’s business goals and daily/monthly needs.

Its main purpose is to help the Management Team run the business successfully, smoothly and effectively converting minimum input of resources to produce maximum output. Thus increasing company’s profit and goals achievement.

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Mediated Recruitment

A unique and modernized recruitment process, result of 20+ years of HR experience, that ensures finding the right fit, for the right job, with the right set and level of mediated expectations, from all parties.

The overall goal of this comprehensive process and of your valuable investment of time, resources and trust is to undoubtedly guarantee an increase in talent retention that will help with your business’ growth and its success.

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Agile Marker

Companies of today are about a dynamic set of needs, activities, resources and a new mindset. Having a set of markers where empathy, the definition of resources, challenging assumptions, creating solutions and lastly test it, so that all will result in an Agile environment.

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Lean Mapping

A streamlining process to be applied to businesses who want to improve their Processes & Procedures by eliminating waste and non-value-added activities, optimizing their outsourcing and setting up SLA’s and KPI’s. A full weaknesses and risks assessment to reduce costs across all departments.

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V’s Alignment

A company’s core Values, culture and Vision influence results and must be aligned with the product/service Value proposition. Therefore, employees must understand and share the ethos of an organization. Either by defining a North Star, setting BHAG’s or by Social Responsibility, you’ll achieve this valuable alignment.

1.2.3. Go to Market!

Key insights and resources to help startups optimize time, energy and money. From 1. Idea Validation by conceptualization of an MVP to 2. Monetization through developing a Business model and 3. Strategically planning on how to implement lean and fast. Then the test… Go to Market!

Mediated Human Resources

Having an external team as mediators in areas such as hiring, training, benefits, firing and other HR needs, is the perfect way to set and level expectations for all parties. This investment of time, resources and trust will guarantee an increase in talent retention and success.

Decision-Making Program

A step by step 8 week program that, through Mentoring and 1-on-1 Support, will help you co-create an action plan to either validate and start a Business Idea, to make a Career or a Major Life Change or just get more Organized in life or work.

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